Arlena Ton - 15.08.1989



Born in Cervenia, a small village in Southern Romania, is grown in Ticino by a Swiss family.


At the age of 5, on vacation in Egipt for the first time she sees a man who ties a tapestry, so born her passion for weaving.


In 2008 she obtained a diploma as a "Creation of Fabrics" at the "CSIA" in Lugano.

During the training she has the opportunity to work on Jaquard frames at Rubelli S.p.a Tissue in Italy (Cucciago).


A few years later she started her Atelier and began to become aquainted in Ticino (Switzerland).

Just as the frame gave rise to the fabric, her origins gave the name to Atelier Zaharia.


Arlena Ton - weaver